'Just trying to heal every day': Milwaukee Dancing Grannies president gives thanks to the community

NOW: ’Just trying to heal every day’: Milwaukee Dancing Grannies president gives thanks to the community

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The president of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies is speaking out for the first time to CBS 58 Tuesday, Dec 21. Tamara Rosentreter was one of many injured in the Waukesha Holiday Parade. 

She barely remembers anything from that gruesome day. 

"I just know I was dancing and we were having a good time, and then next thing I know I woke up on the ground," Rosentreter said. 

Sunday, Nov. 21, a man drove his red SUV through the parade path -- killing six people and injuring several others.

"I'm creating short-term goals and long-term goals, just trying to heal every day," Rosentreter said. 

Three dancing grannies were killed and one of their husbands.

"We lost some really great people."

While there's darkness in the past, Rosentreter reflects on how great the community has been to her. She gives thanks to first responders, local businesses, neighboring communities and her family.

Donations are pouring in non-stop. A business in Oconomowoc even donated her wheelchair.

"Isn't that amazing? I was so touched."

Rosentreter met Dr. Jill Biden last week, Wednesday, Dec 15. She says that experience was something she would never forget.

"When she came over to our group, just down to earth, friendly, great lady. I even said 'say hi to your husband for me.'"

There's one woman she is hoping to meet. That person prayed for her when she was hit. 

"I just loved the fact that she prayed with me, it just brought me a lot of comfort, and then I don't know who she is."

Rosentreter refuses to sit in sorrow, but she agrees this tragedy has changed her life.

"It's taken me from taking advantage of every day to really make every day count."

Rosentreter says the grannies are stronger than ever now. They are working on possibly performing in a few parades next year.

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