Jury in I-43 Shooting has a Split Verdict

The jury in the I-43 shooting case found one of the suspects not guilty on four counts and guilty on three counts. 

Martez D Maclin-Dyson was found guilty of attempted two counts of first degree intentional homicide and bail jumping.

These charges stem from a freeway shooting in November of 2015. 

Two suspects were in the car believed to be involved with the highway shooting, that fled from the scene and then stopped near Marquette University campus.

Surveillance video near an apartment building changing clothes to hide their identity. 

The driver of the white four-door Chevrolet Impala said he had entered Southbound I-43 at North 8th Street. He was driving on I-43 at West Highland Avenue and heard pops and then saw his right rear window shatter.

The shooting vehicle was described as a black car.

The black car swerved over to the center lane while continually shooting at him.

The driver believed his car was struck “twenty-some times.”

The driver said he never came into contact with the black car in the past and never had any road rage incidents with anyone at the time of the incident.

The passenger in the car returned fire with his own firearm back towards the black car.

The passenger was shooting through the closed front passenger window towards the black car, and the driver stated that he had no idea how many times he shot at the black car.

The driver believed they were trying to kill him.

The shooting ended at the end of the Marquette Interchange at Southbound 11th Street on-ramp.

The driver stated he continued fleeing from the black car and exited at West National Avenue and stopped at West Walker Street and South 10th Street.

The driver called 911.

The driver than realized he had been shot and suffered a graze wound to his right thigh area.

A witness on the freeway said he observed multiple gunshot holes in the right front passenger window. The witness said the right window was broken out. He said the white Impala was moving at a high rate of speed behind him.

The witness said he could hear bullets ricochet off the ground. The witness exited the freeway at the Plankinton off ramp and noticed a bullet hole in the right rear bumper corner of his 2012 C30 Volvo. Another witness observed a bullet hole in his car’s right tire.

The  black sedan exited at the North 11 Street on-ramp and almost collided with an unmarked Milwaukee Police Department vehicle.

Milwaukee Police Detectives in an unmarked squad followed the vehicle traveling east bound on West Wells Street approaching north 12th Street.

The black sedan turned northbound on North 13th Street. The detectives observed the vehicle traveling the wrong way on North 14ths Street shortly thereafter.

The black sedan made a turn in front of the detectives’ unmarked squad and turned right onto West Wells Street going westbound.

At this the police turned their lights on. Subsequently the detectives witness rubber from one of black sedan’s tires fly off.

The sedan continued and turned right onto North 16th Street continued to State Street.

The vehicle came to a rest on West State Street. And four individuals exited the black sedan and fled on foot. Two occupants ran eastbound and two ran westbound. Maclin-Dyson and Johnson ran westbound.

The two defendants fled over a fence and entered a apartment building at 1133 North 18th Street.

They entered an apartment and remained out of view for a short period of time.

Both defendants were out on bail for other crimes.

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