Jury deliberates, no verdict in garage collapse case

MILWAUKEE-The jury finished deliberating for the day Wednesday with no verdict in who is to blame for the fatal garage collapse three years ago.

Two others were seriously hurt in the incident in the summer of 2010.

There's been 5 weeks of testimony.

The jury must decide if Advanced Cast Stone or Milwaukee County is at fault for the death Of 15 year old  Jared Kellner.

Jared was walking with his friend and his friend's mother when the concrete slab fell. The mother lost her leg.

They,  along with the Kellner family,  are suing Advance Cast Stone for not installing the panel correctly and causing the concrete to fall.

The jury is also being asked if Milwaukee County, owners of the O'Donnell parking garage, are guilty.

Not only must they determine whose at fault, but how much the families are owed.

Combined, the families could be awarded close to 100 million dollars.

They will resume deliberations Thursday.


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