Judge rules Slenderman stabbing suspect not competent to stand trial

WAUKESHA -- Two Waukesha girls charged with stabbing their classmate more than a dozen times in a wooded area to impress an online character returned to court August 1.  The focus of this court proceeding is the mental health of Morgan Geyser.

After a second interview with a mental health professional, 12-year-old Morgan Geyser has been ruled not competent to stand trial by a Waukesha County judge. On July 2, a doctor announced Geyser was not competent to stand trial after her first psychological examination.

The mental health professionals who testified in court say Geyser's belief in fictional characters from fantasy like Harry Potter and Slenderman is their biggest concern. Geyser also claimed to be able to control minds.

Doctors also say Geyser doesn't currently have the ability to understand how court proceedings work, or help her attorney create a defense, 

Staff members where Geyser is being held says the girl talks to herself and laughs while alone in her cell. 

Doctors believe Geyser could eventually become competent with treatment. The court has up to one year to allow her to become competent.



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