Joel Acevedo's family on Officer Mattioli resignation from MPD: 'Disappointing. It's a joke'

NOW: Joel Acevedo’s family on Officer Mattioli resignation from MPD: ’Disappointing. It’s a joke’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Suspended Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli has resigned from the Milwaukee Police Department.

Mattioli resigned the same day he pleaded not guilty in the off-duty death of Joel Acevedo back in April.

The internal investigation into Michael Mattioli came to an end after the former police office resigned Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Joel Acevedo's family tells CBS 58 they wish Mattioli never got the chance.

“Disappointing. It’s a joke," said a family member of Joel Acevedo. 

Joel Acevedo’s family says former Officer Mattioli should have been let go five months ago.

“He should have been terminated the first thirty days,” said Joel’s father, Jose Acevedo. “It’s clear that he broke the policies.

Mattioli was suspended by MPD after he was arrested for the chokehold death of Joel Acevedo. Police say Mattioli and Acevedo got into a fight at Mattioli’s home during a party. Mattioli was off-duty at the time. He was charged with first degree reckless homicide.

Mattioli pleaded not guilty the same day he resigned.

“There has not been much transparency in this case whatsoever,” said Acevedo family attorney, B’Ivory LaMarr.

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (FPC) took over the department’s investigation into Mattioli.

The FPC withdrew its involvement and turned the case back over to MPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

Now that Mattioli has resigned, the investigation comes to a complete halt.

“This is the type of system, this is the type of lack of confidence that we have in these games,” said Attorney LaMarr. “I mean, this is essentially what it is. The City of Milwaukee deserves better. This family deserves better.”

Mattioli had been on the city’s payroll until his resignation. Because he retired before 25 years with MPD, he will have to wait until he’s 57 to receive his pension.

This angers the Acevedo family, but they say they will still continue fighting for justice for their son.

“This is a fight, this is a spiritual battle and we’re going to fight it to the end,” said Jose. “I’m not going to give up, I’m not going to give up, I’m going to voice my opinion. We are the voice for Joel.”

The Acevedo family is asking for the release of all records, video, and recordings associated with the investigation into this tragedy.

Mattioli’s next court date is at the end of the October.

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