J.J. Watt's memorable "Saved By The Bell" weekend

Houston Texans star and Pewaukee native J.J. Watt lived out the dream of every 90's kid on Sunday. Watt posted a picture of he and A.C. Slater, or rather, Mario Lopez on Instagram. The two were hanging out on the field in Houston prior to the Texans' game against the Buccaneers.

However,  it seems Watt was more interested in Bayside High's head cheerleader than its quarterback. He included the #WhereIsKellyKapowski? It didn't take long for the real life Kelly, actress Tiffani Thiessen, to chime in. She posted a picture to Instagram saying she's in L.A. "catching up on her reading" holding a copy of Men's Health with J.J. on the cover.

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