"It's shocking:" Two teens facing charges for bringing loaded gun to Whitefish Bay High School

“It’s shocking: “ Two teens facing charges for bringing loaded gun to Whitefish Bay High School

Two teens facing charges for bringing a loaded gun to Whitefish Bay High School.

The district found out about the incident through a Snapchat video.

Police spoke with the two boys involved, they told them that they had no intent to harm anyone.

Students at Whitefish Bay are studying for finals week. Two students decided to bring a loaded gun to school and they recorded it all on Snapchat.

"They had in their possession a large handgun and they were taking turns pointing it at the mirror and dancing. One appeared to be recording this little bit which was very dangerous," said Chief Michael Young.

Police say the two were trying to sell the gun but the sale didn't happen.

Someone saw the video yesterday and warned the district about the gun.

"It's shocking but it's a very infrequent occurrence here. The dangerousness of the situation is what it is. But it's nice that someone brought this to the school's attention."

Police went back to their homes and found a large handgun under one of their beds.

Investigators say that the gun was stolen back in 2016 from Milwaukee.

"It was stolen two years ago. It's unknown how many hands this gun has been in."

Police are now trying to figure out how they got it. 

CBS 58 News reached out to the Whitefish Bay School District to find out how they are handling the situation.

Some parents said that the district emailed them about the incident.

Stay with CBS 58 News for more information on this developing story.

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