"It's about being proactive:" Group trains churches on security measures

NOW: “It’s about being proactive:“ Group trains churches on security measures

According to the Faith Based Network Security, Inc., more than 108 people were killed on faith-based properties this year. 

The president of the organization, Carl Chinn, travels across the U.S. to set up policies and procedures so places of worship are prepared.

"Having the training, programs, and procedures where they can do an instant lockdown of the church. Those things need to be implemented," said Chinn. 

FBNC has tracked the number of violent deaths at faith-based properties since 1999. They were here in the Milwaukee area after the Sikh Temple shooting back in 2012. 

Many of the churches he visits are against arming themselves with guns. But he assures, churches can still do things to protect themselves.

"It's not about guns or the lack thereof. It's about heart, it's about intention. It's about being proactive and making sure you have folks who are associated with your ministry who are looking out for people in your ministry whether that's a church or another faith-based organization," said Chinn. 

Chinn estimates hundreds of churches in Wisconsin have some type of security training. 

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