'It was heavy': Fans share thoughts after Bucks playoff elimination

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The road to the championship is over, and Milwaukee Bucks fans are still processing the loss.

Fans inside Fiserv Forum when the Bucks were eliminated say the stadium fell silent after they lost to the Miami Heat.

"It was like a heart drop in those last moments because when you think you have it and then it's just taken away from you so quickly, everybody was jaw dropped and looking around like what just happened. It was crazy," Albana Hot said about the game.

What was expected to be an easy series, ended with the number one seed losing their playoff spot.

"It was heavy. I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it," one fan told CBS 58.

The Bucks were unable to get past the Heat's offense, led by Jimmy Butler.

"Honestly, Jimmy Butler played for Marquette. If there's somebody that's going to do it might as well be him. That shot to put them into overtime was unreal," Bucks fan Phillip Gusk said.

Gusk is just one of many fans expressing concern over the defensive choices made by the Bucks and questioning if things would have been different if someone else was at the helm of the team.

"I'm just wondering who was supposed to guard Jimmy Butler the whole series? If there's one guy that is literally doing it to you every game, you have to find a way, make an adjustment," he said. "I hate to say Coach Bud is a problem, but the whole year I thought our defense gave up way too many points, and I saw that in the playoffs."

After the game, Giannis Antetokounmpo told reporters there's no failure in sports. He said sometimes you win, and sometimes others win. Fans call his words inspiring.

"I love that comment because it's true. When he brought up Michael Jordan, that was a great analogy of what it is. You can't win them all. I think they played their hearts out," Bucks fan Lisa Denson said.

Despite the loss, fans are happy to have the Greek Freak in Milwaukee.

"I feel good about the team. I'm glad we have Giannis, and what can you do?" Young said. "He's still taking the positive out of a losing season, not a losing season, but coming up short in the playoffs. That's pretty cool."

While keeping their hopes high for another postseason run for the Bucks next year, some fans are turning their attention to another Wisconsin team.

"Now we can root for the Brewers for a while and they've been doing pretty good too," Gusk said.

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