"It gets hectic:" Wisconsin State Fair causing parking problems in neighborhoods

“It gets hectic: “ Wisconsin State Fair causing parking problems in neighborhoods


WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- More than a million visitors are expected to attend this year's Wisconsin State Fair. The 11-day run officially kicked off on Thursday.

All those visitors can cause a headache for people who live near the fairgrounds. While most residents say they love being able to walk to the Wisconsin State Fair and make some money off of selling parking, they don't like people blocking their driveways and driving recklessly.

Many residents who live around Wisconsin State Fair Park turn their lawns into parking lots during the Wisconsin State Fair.

The Lembergers have been doing it for about 35 years.

While it's good for some extra cash, they also have to deal with drivers who park illegally.

"Sometimes we go up to State Fair a couple hours and we come back and the driveway is blocked," said Dan Lemberger, a resident.

The West Allis Police Department has extra patrols out to control the busy streets. Officers see drivers parking in crosswalks, along driveways, and in front of fire hydrants.

"I think people, they want to get inside and they're not taking the time to realize where they are parking," said Deputy Chief Bob Fletcher with the West Allis Police Department.

For people living nearby, they plan to make some money and help visitors avoid tickets.

"It gets hectic, people get ticketed and towed. You have to obey the law because the police will enforce it," said resident Gale Lemberger. 

A woman who got a ticket on Thursday says officers went too far. Jessica Wilson says she stopped under a no parking sign as she sat in her car with her foot on the break to pick up her daughter who lives across the street when a police officer gave her a $20 parking ticket.

"He was like you're going to have to move your car and I said well she's coming right now and he said give me your license. That was way overdone," said Jessica Wilson who received a parking ticket. 

Wilson plans to fight her ticket. The West Allis Police Department tells CBS 58 the sign she stopped in front of does prohibit parking, but not standing or stopping. They will review the citation and pull the ticket if it shouldn't have been issued. 

For more information regarding parking, see below.

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