"It could have been much much worse:" Windshield smashed by rock thrown from highway overpass

NOW: “It could have been much much worse:“ Windshield smashed by rock thrown from highway overpass


A family walked away scared but safe after their windshield was shattered by a rock. The family is out $250 from replacing the windshield but they say the situation could have been much worse.

"Suddenly, I just heard a smash and there was glass flying and I looked up and saw damage to the windshield and it was all very sudden and we all sort of simultaneously reacted in the car.

Sunday afternoon took a turn for the worse for Tom Hansen and his family as they were driving westbound beneath an overpass and a rock smashed their window. 

"We think what happened is someone dropped a rock over the side of the overpass facing west just from the way they crack looked."

It was just after 1 p.m., the family pulled over and a bystander told them they had seen some kids throwing rocks over the bridge but Tom was unable to locate them. 

"It could have been much much worse."

Tom posted about the incident on Facebook. Someone replied that their coworker had suffered a similar incident at a railroad overpass just down the street. The Milwaukee Police Department confirmed they received that report from KK Ave. The incident happened just 2 hours after Tom's windshield was smashed. 

"It kind of makes me a little bit disappointed and angry at the people who did this… because there are so many opportunities in this world and why waste your time trying to hurt people like that," Tom Hansen said.

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