Investigation Details Into Teacher Accused of Sleeping With Student

There are new details about a former Menomonee Falls High School teacher accused of having sex with her student. As you may remember April Novak was charged with 12 counts of sexual assault of a student.

In the 23 page investigation police say Mrs. Novak first denied all claims against her before finally admitting to having a sexual relationship with a student.

Reports show teachers voiced concerns about April Novak's relationship with her former Menomonee Falls High School Student. The investigation started after a teacher reported seeing them kissing. It went on to say staff had warned Novak in the past saying, "they were concerned about her giving 'student A' rides, being alone in a room with student A."

The district brought the findings to Menomonee Police. Records say quote an-"officer asked if we really want to do this because it will get messy." But the district said "we need to do this because it is right."

The police finally approached Mrs. Novak after the school saw a student going into Mrs. Novak's room, saying "footage shows the student entering the classroom in street clothes...leaving wearing an athletic uniform."

Police reported finding "men's cologne and woman's perfume in the file drawer, a lighter in the desk, and a used candle in the file drawer."

Police say Mrs. Novak eventually did admit to having a sexual relationship with the student, and was charged. The district and the police declined to comment about the investigation. 

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