Infant's body found near University of Central Missouri campus

WARRENSBURG, MO (KCTV) -- Police are trying to identify a baby after the child's body was found near the University of Central Missouri campus in Warrensburg.


Investigators say the body was found at Pertle Springs, a 300-acre recreational area owned by the university.


University spokesperson Jeff Murphy said two biology students found the baby's body about 4 p.m. Tuesday near some burned trash inside a cave on the property.


The university's newspaper reports the students were doing research on snakes inside the cave.


They filed a police report on Feb. 17 because someone damaged the lock on the cave, and they found trash and other signs of vandalism.


On Tuesday, they returned to the cave for research. While taking a closer look at the trash, the students found the body.


\"Pertle Springs is a public recreation area that is owned by the university. It is probably about a mile south of the main campus. It used to be a popular resort area at the turn of the century,\" Murphy said. \"It now is an area where it has trails, lakes, canoeing, a golf course. A place where some of our students and the public use that facility. Many people from the public use that facility as well.\"


The exact age of the child and cause of death have not been released.


According to the university's newspaper, the students first thought the baby was a doll. Once they realized it was in fact a child's body, they called 911.


\"Certainly it is unsettlingly. Any time there is an incident like this anywhere, it is very unsettlingly to the community and university as well,\" Murphy said.


Law enforcement is investigating and anyone with information that may help is asked to contact the university's department of public safety at 660-543-4123. 

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