If you purchased LulaRoe, you may be getting some money back

(CBS 58) -- If you have purchased LulaRoe clothing before June 1 of this year, you may be getting some money back.

LulaRoe recently sent out an email to their customers who may have paid too much in sales tax.

The email said in part,

"Our records show you purchased LulaRoe clothing from an Independent Fashion Retailer before June 1, 2017, and may have paid too much sales tax. We apologize for this potential overcharge and are writing to inform you that you will be receiving a sales tax refund."

The amounts that customers are receiving back vary from person to person. 

LulaRoe says that a separate email from Checkbook will be sent within the next week stating "Your LulaRoe Sales Tax Refund Payment" and will walk customers through the process of receiving their refund.

LulaRoe issued a statement saying the following, 

Certain LuLaRoe consumers may have paid too much sales tax for clothing purchases made before June 1, 2017. We regret this overcharge and are issuing sales tax refunds to affected consumers. The refund is unrelated to the lawsuit and the process began before the lawsuit was filed.

If you would like to know if you're eligible for a refund, check your email address you made a purchase with or contact LulaRoe at [email protected].

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