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Ice dams and the problems they cause homeowners

 MILWAUKEE - The recent warm up after a few snowfalls is a good time for ice dams to begin forming at the base of people's rooftops.

That of course can lead to water making it's way into your home. Lonnie Koeppendoerfer of Lonnie's Roofing and Siding says the best way to prevent ice dams is to make sure your gutters are cleaned and snow removed from your rooftop with a roof rake.

Another reason ice dams form is because of a lack of insulation in the attic. Heat escapes to the attic and melts snow on the roof and that leads to ice dams.

When ice dams form, they can pop shingles out of place and that's how water seeps into your home.

When an ice dam starts causing problems, home owners will typically start seeing stains on ceilings and paint peeling. At that point, it's time to get professional help to fix the roof.


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