Ice Castles Coming to Wisconsin Dells

The ice cold finishing touches are underway at five ice castles across North America.

These life-sized winter wonderlands will soon open to visitors in Canada, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and here in Wisconsin at the Dells.

For the last few weeks, ice artists have worked thousands of hours combined.

These interactive castles have ice carved tunnels for both adults and kids, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, and towers.

If you plan on making a visit, you are encouraged to bring your boots, a sled to pull the kids (strollers will be very difficult to push), and get ready for a sight that you can enjoy for hours.

Tickets are sold for specific time slots, so be sure to arrive at your designated time to secure your admission.

The ice castles in Wisconsin Dells open in January. 

For more information about ticket prices, dates, and times, check out the website here.

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