"I’ve got a moat around my house"

NOW: “I’ve got a moat around my house“

Residents in Elkhorn woke up to flooded streets Wednesday morning.

Around 4:45 am, the intersection of 1st Avenue and Sandy Lane, had some standing water but quickly dried out. But after heavy rains passed through an hour later, the intersection was flooded in water.

Some residents waded through the water and were waist high.

Despite 'High Water' warning signs placed by the city of Elkhorn, a number of cars tried to drive through, and several became stuck.

A tow truck tried to reach one of the vehicles around 9am, but had to leave because the water was so high.

As the weather cleared, neighbors came out of their homes to take pictures.

Aaron Bauman lives at the corner and says this is the highest he's ever seen the water. 

"This is the worst I've seen. I don’t know what the rain totals are but it’s the worst I've seen here," Bauman said.

There was so much water surrounding his home, he had to call out from work.

"I’ve got a moat around my house, and it goes all the way around in the back too," Bauman said. 

Bauman grows more than 20 different plants and vegetables in his garden but they were all submerged in the water. 

Surprisingly, Bauman said his basement was dry. For some of his neighbor's, that wasn't the case.

"It's about a foot high," explained one woman told CBS 58's Kyle Aevermann.

The Walworth County Sheriff's Office says most areas in the county saw at least 6 inches of rain and said multiple roads were flooded.

As for the cars on 1st Ave, the tow truck returned around 11 and was able to reach one of the cars still in the water.

When the car was lifted on the back of the truck, water poured out quickly. 

The tow truck driver said he has been busy all morning. 

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