'Take it for what it is': DoorDash driver shares how he's adjusting to climbing gas prices

NOW: ’Take it for what it is’: DoorDash driver shares how he’s adjusting to climbing gas prices

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some delivery drivers, like those who work for DoorDash, have to pay out of pocket for gas. It has some reconsidering how much they travel for work with recent spikes in gas prices.

For DoorDash driver James Trefry, who has been delivering for the company since 2020, he's staying afloat by choosing deliveries close to home and only pumping gas that's necessary for his day's journey.

"It's going to be enough to get me through likely the rest of this day and hopefully into Saturday and hopefully Sunday," said Trefry.

Trefry said he's stopped four times this week for gas. Since this is Trefry's main source of income, he has no choice but to adjust.

Trefy said higher gas prices have hit many fellow DoorDash drivers hard with some even choosing to stop delivering.

According to GasBuddy, on Friday, March 11, the average price per gallon in Milwaukee was about $4. That price is up about 41 cents from last week's average.

"Since it's my main source of income I have to take it for what it is," said Trefry.

With prices expected to continue to rise, Trefry said he won't be stopping his delivery services anytime soon.

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