Hundreds march in Milwaukee for immigrant rights on May Day

NOW: Hundreds march in Milwaukee for immigrant rights on May Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A number of people from Milwaukee and beyond walked a 2-mile march in celebration of May Day which is a day dedicated international to workers. The march was specifically dedicated to immigrant workers and their rights.

The two-day march is being led by Voces De La Frontera, a nonprofit group that works for the Latino immigrant community in Milwaukee.

Voces and the marchers are demanding President Joe Biden use his executive power to protect all immigrants, Wisconsin Republicans to stop blocking drivers licenses and in-state tuition for immigrants, and school boards to adopt school lunch reform.

Through the streets of Milwaukee Monday morning, the chant, "si se puede," which means, "yes we can" in English, could be heard growing throughout the city.

Allies and over 200 students also joined in.

"I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood and I'm exposed to that stuff, types of different cultures all the time so it's very important that they feel represented and especially in today's world," said Zurieo Lott, a student from Milwaukee.

Briseyda Bautista-Gonzalez, who is also a student, said she showed up for her parents who are immigrant workers, and for other people who are too scared to speak up.

"I'm here to use my voice, to use what I can to make a change," said Bautista-Gonzalez.

The marchers walked two miles starting from the Voces De La Frontera offices in Walker's Point to Zeidler Union Square. They were encouraged to use their voices and to utilize their right to strike in order to make their needs heard.

"We've asked people not to show up to work to really reinforce that it is immigrant labor that is driving Wisconsin's economy. Immigrant essential workers are the backbone of our economy," said Jessica Schmidt, communications director for Voces De La Frontera.

The march will continue May 2 at the State Capitol.

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