Humidity makes a return as temperatures warm up

NOW: Humidity makes a return as temperatures warm up

Most of this spring we have been dealing with dry conditions, not just with our lack of rain but also with low dewpoints and the lack of moisture in the atmosphere. The last time we had highs reach into the 80s we were dealing with a very dry atmosphere and high fire conditions with dew points in the 40s. We won't get as lucky this time. 

Temperatures will be warm the rest of the week with highs in the 70s and 80s. How many 80s we get will greatly depend on how much sunshine we see: more sun = more 80s. But most days hover around 80*.

With this round of heat we will see humidity increase as well. After a round of rain Tuesday dew points are hanging out in the 50s Wednesday morning. Peak dew points on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will hover around 60* which puts it barely into the noticeable category but since it's one of the first days this season with dewpoints getting to 60 most of us will feel it. By the weekend dew points could creep a little higher into the 60s making it feel more humid.

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