Huge turnout for first ever Ink for the Cure for Susan G Komen Wisconsin

NOW: Huge turnout for first ever Ink for the Cure for Susan G Komen Wisconsin

Before the Race for the Cure in September there was the Ink for the Cure Tuesday at the Pettit Ice Center.

Hundreds took up Komen Wisconsin on its offer for free tattoos while registering for the race which is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the group.

Survivors among the first in line, rolling up their sleeves in hopes that others will open their wallets.

They know first hand the potential impact.

"I got the word strength with a ribbon," explained Stacy Scrip of Milwaukee. "I'm a survivor. Nine years out. My brother just got diagnosed with cancer. So, I wanted him to know we're strong."

Three year survivor Carrie Brewer marveled at just how many people turned out.

"It's great. Ya know. It's awesome. The support this organization gives to people it's great."

Brock Steven of Rock Star Tattoo Company in West Allis helped organize this first of its kind event.

He and several other local artists donated their time to get as many arms inked as they could between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

"The stigma from back in the day just doesn't exist any more," Steven told CBS 58 News. "Tattooing can be so healing in so many ways."

Komen is also offering potential incentives to get folks to go above and beyond the entry fee and raise additional money.

Any race participant who raises $60 in donations will be eligible to receive a refund of their race registration fee.

Fundraiser who raise even more will be eligible to win additional prizes, including limited edition t-shirts, and entry for the grand prize.

"I know hundreds of breast cancers survivors," said Komen Wisconsin events director Robin Luther. "It's a disease that's all around us and it still needs a lot of support."

For more information call (414) 389-4888.

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