How to Stay Hydrated

Whenever the heat and humidity are both above 70 degrees, people need to work a little harder to stay hydrated.

What are some ways people can stay hydrated?

*    Keep a large water bottle with you at all times and sip it regularly
*    Drink a glass of water before every meal
*    After each trip to the bathroom, drink a glass of water to replenish fluids
*    Set reminders on your phone to drink water every hour

Are there certain foods you can eat to help with hydration?

*    Watermelon
*    Celery
*    Tomatoes
*    Green peppers
*    Cucumbers
*    Iceberg lettuce
*    Sports drinks, though higher in sugar and calories

What extra precautions should the elderly take to stay safe in the heat?

*    Well, it's not just the elderly who should take extra precautions. Children, people older than 50, those with heart conditions or even those who are overweight may have problems regulating their body temperatures. When water is not replaced, blood thickens and it forces the heart to work harder, increasing the risk of a heart attack. 
*    Remove excess clothing if you feel you're starting to overheat
*    Move to an air conditioned or shaded area
*    Drink more water than usual. If you feel thirsty, dehydration is already starting
*    Avoid alcohol as its side effects can make you miss your body's early dehydration cues

What are the signs of dehydration that people should look for?

*    Dry mouth
*    Thirst
*    Decreased urination
*    Headache
*    Dizziness or light headedness
*    Sleepiness

What should you do if you or someone else is dehydrated?

*    Healthy people can be easily treated for dehydration by simply drinking more fluids like water or sports drinks
*    If people are experiencing more significant symptoms like lack of urination, dizziness or confusion or shriveled skin, they need immediate medical attention.
*    Children and the elderly should get immediate medical attention if you suspect severe dehydration

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