How to negotiate a raise at work

NOW: How to negotiate a raise at work

(CBS 58) -- If you're looking to earn more money, a local staffing agency has a few tips.

"There's a definite need for skilled talent right now, so the ball is really in the candidates' court and that they can negotiate a higher salary and some other perks as well," said Jim Jeffers, Market Manager for Robert Half. 

According to the Robert Half staffing agency, there's four things you should know:

  • Make sure you are prepared. You should be able to explain your value and know which accomplishments you want to highlight
  • Walk in with a reasonable salary in mind
  • Practice what you'll say ahead of time, roleplaying your conversation with someone you know
  • You don't have to just negotiate for money. You can also try to negotiate for benefits like time off

"Make sure it's not just about the money either. There's other things you can negotiate at that time. Whether it be time off, parking, other benefits that could really help you out," Jeffers said. 

Jeffers says since Wisconsin has such low unemployment, job candidates have more liberty to negotiate. He adds that there's a time component for companies since candidates will likely get multiple offers. 

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