How to get around construction during Summerfest

MILWAUKEE-- Festival season may be upon us, but so is construction season-- with crews working on several major highways around the metro, it raises some questions about what's ahead for Summerfest.

\"We really want to encourage that you can still get there, there's lots of opportunities, lots of alternate routes,\" said Carolynn Gellings, a WisDOT Project Manager.

WisDOT and Summerfest teamed up to create 'Get Around Guides' to help music fans navigate their way through all the construction.

\"When you're looking at the 'Get Around Guide' you'll find information that is region specific,\" said John Soler, Chief Marketing Officer for Summerfest.

The guides point out ramp closures and the best exits to take.

\"As always, we encourage everybody to spend a little time, planning their routes,\" said Soler.

Summerfest officials say construction on the HOAN bridge will stop for festival season to ensure there's no disruptions.

\"We want to emphasize that Milwaukee is open for business,\" said Gellings, \"the festivals will be up and running, people can access everything and get downtown like they have.\"

Many drivers consider road construction is a necessary evil-- but officials say with proper planning, it won't put a damper on their summer fun.

\"A little planning ahead, and people can get to any of the events they want to go to,\" said Gellings.

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