House Speaker Paul Ryan discusses the role he played in helping Wisconsin land Foxconn

NOW: House Speaker Paul Ryan discusses the role he played in helping Wisconsin land Foxconn

House Speaker Paul Ryan played a big part in helping Wisconsin land Foxconn.

CBS 58 News David Ade traveled to Washington D.C. and spoke with Ryan about his role.

Speaker Paul Ryan says not only is Foxconn directly bringing jobs but the company's presence could set off a new wave of high-skilled, high-tech manufacturing in Wisconsin.

"They're calling us Wisconsin Valley. I sort of see it as we can become the industrial park for Silicon Valley."

Ryan says over the last few months, he met with Foxconn officials a couple of times, in person, and over the phone.

"The story that we told is a story of a fantastic workforce, a state that is stable, and has an efficient government."

Less than a day after, Wisconsin Republicans celebrated a harmonious and cooperative day with the White House. 

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scarramuchi went after one of Wisconsin's own, seemingly implying White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus may be undermining the president. 

"I'll let Reince explain he's not the leaker," said Director Scarramuchi. 

"That kind of drama, I really wouldn't pay too close attention to that type of drama," said Speaker Ryan. 

While Ryan didn't jump in the middle of the White House feud, he did offer Priebus support.

"The fact of the matter is… everybody knows I'm a very close friend of Reince… he's a Kenosha guy… I'm a Janesville guy… we've been buddies for a long time. He's doing a great job… he has the trust and confidence of the president, I'm sure."

Ryan pointed to the Foxconn deal as an example of the President Trump's trust in Priebus.

"It's the results that matter and we're really excited about this result."

Ryan's next big agenda piece in Washington DC is tax reform, lowering the business income tax rate. He says that was something that was discussed with Foxconn leaders. 

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