Home sales are up in Wisconsin and experts say now is the time to buy

Home sales are rising in Wisconsin.

Realtors say the state is seeing the best numbers since before the recession, and that's due in part to the unemployment rate.

Danielle and Bruno Yabuta is a happy young couple with their adorable 8-month-old son Luka.

Although, they've only been homeowners for three years, this husband and wife have experience buying and selling real estate.

They sold their home in whitefish bay and closed on this beauty in Cedarburg in May.

\"Interest rates are favorable,” said Bruno Yabuta. “I'm glad we bought it at a right time. We don't want to buy when the market is at its peak. To sell it is great, but to purchase the timing was perfect for us.\"

Real estate agents say with a low unemployment rate, more people are able to get mortgage loans.

Last month, more than 8500 homes were sold in the badger state.

So far this year, the greater Milwaukee area has seen an increase of 12 percent in sales.

The second quarter had almost a ten percent increase in prices over 2014, according to Mike Ruzicka, President of the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors.

Ruzicka says the jumps are great to help catch up from the recession; however you don't want prices rising too quickly.

\"We don't want it to go too fast like it was in the early 2000s,” said Ruzicka. “Prices were going up 20/25 percent. That was unsustainable.\"

Make no mistake about it...This is a seller's market.

That's why the Yabuta’s knew they couldn't waste any time.

Once they got an offer on their old house, they made a deal on their new one the same day.

\"Because any house you like, you don't do it right away, you kinda lose,” said Danielle Yabuta. “We put an offer the same day we got an offer.\"

More home sales are also good for the economy.

Home buyers tend to invest more money on furniture, renovations and other home improvements.

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