Holiday returns lead to crowded stores

Christmas is now behind us, but the holiday shopping season still is not over. Friday, some stores are almost as busy as they were a few days ago.

“Well it's the day after Christmas so today we're seeing a lot of exchanges, a lot of people coming in with gift cards.” said Bryant Sanders, a manager at Best Buy.

Some younger people also might be felling a bit like Mr. Monopoly today, anxious to shed all the cash they got on something big. Other people are stuck thinking what the heck will they do with some of the gifts they got.

“I'm returning this monitor that my mother gave me for Christmas because she made a mistake.” said Patrick Dorsey.

It's a big day for returns. The National Retail Federation says almost 40 percent of people will return at least one thing they got for the holidays. A lot of shoppers don't see a problem with that.

“They want to get the things they wanted but weren't able to.” said Bret Stubblefield.

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