'He's in good spirits': 7-year-old Alex Hook's progress in recovery

NOW: ’He’s in good spirits’: 7-year-old Alex Hook’s progress in recovery

SILVER LAKE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's been six-and-a-half months since a life altering accident happened to 7-year-old Alex Hook.

Family says Hook has had three major head surgeries, several procedures and endless appointments to the doctor. Despite multiple surgeries and medical treatments, he's kept his head up high.

"Surprisingly enough he's in good spirits. I mean the child's life has change exponentially," said Michelle Koertgen, aunt and family spokesperson for Alex Hook.

In September of last year, Hook was hit by a piece of metal that flew from a lawnmower deck while he was at recess. He spent a month at Children's Wisconsin. He is slowly making his recovery at home.

"Now he walks without a walker, without a cane. He has been gaining more of his balance. He hit a milestone the other day where he was able to balance on either foot," said Koertgen.

Koertgen said the support and kind messages from the community and beyond has made the ordeal a lot easier for the Hook family.

The Hook family are pursuing legal action against those responsible for their son's injuries.

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