Alex Hook returns to school part-time after lawnmower accident

NOW: Alex Hook returns to school part-time after lawnmower accident

SILVER LAKE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Seven-year-old Alex Hook is back to school this week.

It's some good news for his family after the lawnmowing accident that severely injured him last year.

Alex's first day of class was Monday, Jan. 10.

He's going part-time right now, and he wasn't the only one happy about.

His aunt, and godmother, Michelle Koertgen, said he got the warmest welcome after missing school for months.

"He really, truly was excited to get back, and his big brother walked him into his class and so excited to see all the looks on all the kids' faces," said Koertgen.

She called this a milestone for Alex, and said the family is taking things day-by-day.

Doctors cleared Alex to return to class, but Koertgen said the first-grader's stamina is still low.

Alex did some classwork, but was tired after just a couple hours.

He's still being closely watched after having recent surgery on his skull.

Koertgen said he was able to be home from Christmas, and is recovering, but doctors are monitoring fluid on his brain that has returned.

They all hope it subsides on its own, and for now, they're just happy he's back with his friends.

"The family as a whole again, we're thankful for the progress that he's made," said Koertgen. "We will continue to pray for continued progress. The goal is to have him be restored to the healthy, happy 6-year-old, rambunctious little boy that he was over three months ago. With all the prayers from around the world, and the positive thoughts, I think everything is playing an integral role in his recovery."

For the next year, doctors want Alex to take it easy -- meaning no biking, sports, rollercoasters or other strenuous activities.

Koertgen said Alex will also be in physical and speech therapy, and will be seeing a psychologist.

She explained that her nephew's sleep pattern is irregular and he still has nightmares.

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