Alex Hook, boy hurt in lawnmower accident, diagnosed with COVID-19

SILVER LAKE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- According to an update on the Alex Hook Support Page on Facebook, Hook was diagnosed with COVID-19 as the six-year-old continues his recovery following a lawnmower accident that caused Hook severe injuries on Sept. 10.

Six-year-old Alex Hook was struck in the head by a projectile that flew from a lawnmower deck while at recess.

After a month at Children's Wisconsin, Alex was able to go home and continue his recovery. 

Now, Alex and his family are dealing with a new challenge, COVID-19.

According to a Facebook page that provides updates on the recovery of Alex, because the family has COVID-19, a surgery scheduled for Alex has been pushed into mid-December.

The page adds that Alex is currently experiencing milder COVID-19 symptoms, while his brother, Mom and Dad are dealing with fevers and coughs.

 Alex's scheduled therapy sessions have reportedly been canceled for a couple of weeks, but the page announced the family is following his recovery program "at home as best that we can."

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