Hearing LaVall Jordan Speculation, UWM Students Hopeful

Students on UWM's campus are also reacting to the news that LaVall Jordan will be the next Panther Men's Basketball Team coach. Many student said they are ready to move on from the coaching drama from the past few week.

Others commented in their own way.

Transferring UWM basketball player Akeem Springs tweeted "Today is just tooo funny. good play UWM good play."

Despite any level of sarcasm there - the student body seems to agree.

"Hopefully the coach can get some new recruits and get some excitement around here because I've been to a few games and the games are like - they're exciting - but they're only exciting when we're playing like Wisconsin," Antonio Poumier, a senior, said.

"I think everybody cares. I've been seeing so many posts from people really coming together trying to support the basketball team. And I know they're really crushed about it, being friends with a lot of them. And it's just overall all the students are affected by it," Alex Lafferty, a sophomore, said.

The UWM athletic department has not officially confirmed Jordan as new coach.

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