Heading in The Right Direction with Winter Driving

Winter officially starts in a few weeks, but for many of us, it's already here.  And just in time, Bridgestone has released some interesting findings about winter driving. 

The company found only 25 percent of snowbelt drivers will equip their vehicles with winter tires.  Southeastern Wisconsin isn't part of the \"snowbelt\" per se, but it's still important to make sure your car is properly equipped to handle the roads.  The experts say while all-season tires are designed with both winter and summer seasons in mind, they don't offer the maximum performance.  And while all tire rubber will begin to stiffen below freezing, winter tires keep their elasticity even at extremely low temperatures.  They also have specific technology geared toward traction, braking, and handling on icy and snow-covered roads.

If you're unable to purchase winter tires, make sure the tires you have are properly inflated and have sufficient traction.  While you're at it, have your car winterized by a mechanic.  It's imperative you have a good battery.  And one more thing.  Make sure you're warming up your car sufficiently before leaving home.  It's advised allowing for at least ten minutes.  Otherwise you could put a big strain on your engine and the brakes. 


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