"He had mental issues:" Court orders Demetrious Lowe to be examined by doctor

NOW: “He had mental issues:“ Court orders Demetrious Lowe to be examined by doctor

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The man involved in a violent arrest that left four Milwaukee Police officers injured appeared in court for the first time. 

Demetrious Lowe, 25, is facing three counts of battery charges to an officer. 

In court, his attorney said he was concerned about his mental health. 

"I do have a reason to doubt, Mr. Lowe’s competency. He talks to me about some kind spirit. I am very concerned about it," said Walter Stern, attorney. 

Stern said Lowe has experienced mental health issues for the past two to three weeks. 

“He's saying he saw evil spirits that the spirits forced him to walk down the street," said Stern. 

Wednesday night police were called out to a domestic violence incident near 51st and Capitol. His family said Lowe was having a mental health crisis. When officers tried taking control of the situation, Lowe struggled with police. Body camera showed Lowe swinging at police.

According to the criminal complaint, Lowe punched three officers before they took them him to the ground and arrested him. Cellphone videos show officers surrounding Lowe and hitting him batons. 

The officers and Lowe were treated for their injuries. One officer was suspended and three were put on administrative duty because of the incident. 

No bail was set Monday afternoon. The court ordered a doctor to examine Lowe in the next two weeks. He will be back in court on May 29th with a doctors report. 

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