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“His body is not healed:” Demetrious Lowe’s family concerned about his medical treatment in jail

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Demetrious Lowe’s family and friends held a rally outside the Milwaukee County jail on Sunday.

“He should not be in the county jail, he should be somewhere they can be healed,” said Frana Lowe, Demetrious’ aunt.

According to this family, he was moved from the hospital to the county jail Saturday night. They say he suffered broken bones and needed reconstructive surgery.

On Wednesday night, Milwaukee Police was called out to a domestic violence incident. While on scene, police say Lowe was not responding to commands and became violent.

Body camera video shows Lowe hitting officers before tackled, beaten and arrested. The four officers and Lowe suffered injuries and were treated at the hospital.

His family said Lowe was going through a mental health crisis and does not normally act that way.

“I feel like every second he’s in this place, every minute hes in this place, hes continuing to be let down,” said Frana, “His body is not healed.”

They are worried he won’t get the medical attention help he needs in the Milwaukee County jail.

The family is questioning if police followed proper policies during the incident.

“Their first priority is to serve and protect, they did not serve Demetrious in his best interest,” said Frana.

CBS 58 reached out to Milwaukee Police for comment but are still waiting to hear back.

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