Milwaukee man charged after fight with officers near 51st and Capitol

NOW: Milwaukee man charged after fight with officers near 51st and Capitol


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The man accused of fighting with police at 51st and Capitol on May 2 has been charged.

Demetrious Lowe, 25, of Milwaukee is facing three counts of battery to a law enforcement officer after four officers were hurt.

According to the complaint, police learned that someone matching Lowe’s description had reportedly kicked in a door in the area of N. 50th and W. Medford Ave.  Officers say they found Lowe walking nearby bleeding from his left arm, repeatedly saying “I am King James!” and asking where “Tyler” was.

The complaint says officers ordered Lowe to stop, with two officers trying to take control of Lowe on each side. Lowe pulled away from the officers and flailed his arms, balled his fists, stared at one of the officers, and began to walk directly at him. The officer tried to use pepper spray on Lowe but it did not have any effect on him. Lowe then allegedly punched the officer in the face, knocking him backward into the street. The complaint says the officer suffered a broken facial bone. Lowe then started to run and officers pursued him.

Three more officers then surrounded Lowe and delivered baton strikes. The complaint says Lowe turned around and punched another officer above his left eye, knocking him to the ground, before punching him again in the back of the head.

The complaint says a third officer was hit in the face and knocked backward with another officer also suffering a left thumb sprain from struggling with the defendant.

Lowe’s family has said he was having an unusual mental health episode and are questioning whether police followed proper policies during the incident. CBS 58 has previously reported that his family says Lowe suffered broken bones and needed reconstructive surgery. They also say he was moved from the hospital to the county jail Saturday night.

Three officers have been placed on administrative leave with a fourth officer also suspended. 

This is a developing story. Please stay with CBS 58 for updates.

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