Having Turkey Troubles? Lake Lawn Resort Can Serve up Some Help with Your Meal

The big feast is a day away, and hopefully you're not staring at your table wondering about possibilities.  If you are, Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan is here to help you.  For a second year in a row, we've gotten some great advice from Executive Chef David Ross.  He recommends deboning your turkey.  That way, he says, it's easier to cook and much quicker as well.  He also suggests using the brining method to give your bird the best taste.  

Also, he suggests cutting down on calories (and carbs) by preparing wholesome vegetables.  There are a lot of options, including grilling.  Also, try making miniature pies instead of a whole one.  This is another way of cutting calories while still enjoying the taste.  

Lake Lake Resort is still taking reservations for Thanksgiving.  If you're interested, you can call 1.800-338-5253. Also, click on the attached link for more information and even some recipes.  And speaking of recipes, we have some of the ones the chef discussed during the morning show.  

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