Gun shots close I-43 a second time in one week

NOW: Gun shots close I-43 a second time in one week

It was just before five Friday evening, September 29 when police were called to the scene on I-43 at Capitol.

CBS 58 caught up with drivers who had to get off the interstate. They say they’re not only fed up with the shootings but now also fear for their safety.

“It’s sad because it’s the second time,” says concerned driver Brittany Thompson. “People have to get better. “

“It concerns me that safety is not in tact around here,” says Dee, a concerned driver.

“Stop,” says James McCullouga also a concerned driver. “People just need to be smarter because life is precious and once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Those are words of concerned drivers who frequent the I-43 corridor.

“I stay nearby so I’m always driving through, or around, or in the area,” says McCullouga.

What’s normally a busy route turned into a crime scene Friday as investigators searched the lanes for evidence.

While it’s still not known if anything was found, the Milwaukee Fire Department tells CBS 58 one person was taken to a local hospital.

“It could have been me or my kids because sometime I pick-up my kids from their afterschool program and I take that same route,” says Thompson.

A silver SUV and red Toyota were seen off the side of the road.

As officials continued to search, two people were seen sitting in the grass off the side of the interstate.

While it is unclear what their involvement may be to the case, one thing is clear, drivers just wasn’t to see the gunfire stopped.

“It needs to stop because nobody deserves that,” says McCullouga. “Whatever happened out there, it shouldn’t have happened.”

Lanes are back open but the investigation is ongoing.

We’ll continue to follow this case and bring you details as they become available.

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