Groundbreaking takes place for new development near 35th and National

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A vacant block in Milwaukee is being redeveloped.

Mayor Tom Barrett spoke at the Layton Boulevard West Neighbor's groundbreaking at 35th and National.

The city and its partners will invest more than a million dollars to help create jobs, fill vacant buildings, and encourage new investments in the Silver City neighborhood.

"We want to get as many buildings as we can back into circulation. And we want families to live in the residences. We want business thriving, businesses growing, businesses to be in the locations that are suitable for business. Here we've got a unique location because we've got a business location and a potential for business at the same time," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

The groundbreaking took place in the future "Orenda" which is a new American diner that will feature Mexican dishes.  Apartments will be built above the restaurant. 

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