Groundbreaking Milwaukee photographer honored

NOW: Groundbreaking Milwaukee photographer honored

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Surrounded by friends and family, Yvonne Kemp was honored with her own day at Milwaukee City Hall Monday, Aug. 29. Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson made the proclamation at a news conference Monday.

"I, Cavalier Johnson, Mayor of the City of Milwaukee, proclaim Monday, Aug. 29, 2022, to be Yvonne Kemp Day, throughout the entire city of Milwaukee," Mayor Johnson said.

Born in Racine, raised in Milwaukee, Kemp spent thirty years as an accountant, before following in her brother's footsteps as a photographer.

"I'm walking in my brother's big shoes, and I promised him that I would carry on as long as I can," Kemp said.

For 15 years, Kemp received on-the-job training with her brother, and would then distinguish herself with two community newspapers and the Milwaukee Brewers.

"When he passed, I asked his boss if I could step in, and Tyler Barnes [with the Brewers] said 'great, no problem,' and I've been there ever since," Kemp said.

Kemp was the first African American female photographer for the Brewers and remains the oldest African American female photographer for a Major League Baseball organization. She describes working for the Brewers as a great experience.

"I'm at every home game, just highlighting the hard work that our Milwaukee Brewers do," she said.

Kemp admits she was a little uncomfortable in front of cameras, she would much rather be behind the lens, and promises to keep making a difference one picture at a time.

"All that I'm doing for the Black community is to show the positive things that are going on," Kemp said.

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