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Greenfield High School stages mock crash involving drinking and texting and driving

Greenfield High School juniors and seniors learned a graphic lesson about the devastating consequence of drinking and driving.

On Tuesday, Froedtert Hospital assisted students with a re-enactment of a drunk driving and texting crash that occurs after a school event.

There were scenes of death, injury and the 18-year-old drunk driver being taken away in cuffs.

Greenfield police officers and firefighters and a Flight for Life Helicopter all part of the dramatic scene which only got more intense when the scenario showed the students the impact on those left behind.

Students Drew Kassel, Saher Mohammad, Maddy Brilowski, Gabby Strasser, Mckenzie Collier and Arsenius Adogamhe played the roles of victims.

"The mock crash incident will be very realistic and timely,' said Greenfield High School Principal Paul Thusius. "We want our students to be intimately aware of the often deadly consequences of drinking and driving and texting while driving. The fact that the 'victims' will be played by students and those living with the consequences by their parents, should bring with it some very powerful, emotionally charged and memorable messages."

All juniors and senior students gathered at the Performing Arts Center for a debriefing.

There learned the "fate" of the victims, the life-altering results, and reactions from their loved ones.

Mr. Thusius hopes that ultimately, the mock crash will send students a life-long message about the dangers and consequences of drunk driving and texting.

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