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Grafton Police identify suspect after man approaches kid at Lime Kiln Park

Grafton Police have identified the man who approached a group of kids at Lime Kiln Park. Citizens identified the man who was interviewed by police in regards to his intentions and motives in the incident. 

After interviewing the man, police do not believe he had any inappropriate or unlawful motives. 

The incident happened on Monday in the afternoon when the man approached of pre-teen children who were fishing. The man offered to help the kids fix a tangled fishing pole and then said he could take them to a better fishing location and said they could get into the back of his truck. 

The man said he was sincerely trying to help the kids by showing them a better location to fish. After he left he realized that his actions may have seemed inappropriate. 

Police advised the man regarding his behavior and counseled him on approaching children.

A background check did not reveal any previous issues.

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