Gov. Walker Signs Robotics Competition Bill

Governor Scott Walker was part of the opening ceremony at the robotics competition Friday. But he also signed a bill that will allow more students to participate in future competitions. It's called ‘Robotics Competition Bill’ and it's goal is to push students to learn new skills and possible career paths.

Governor Walker along with state Representative Adam Neylon, who helped create the bill, were here Friday morning talking about how important this is for not just students who are already here but for all Wisconsin children. 

Some of the students participating in the competition gathered behind the governor as he signed Assembly Bill 665 into law, a participation grant program, where schools are able to apply for up to $5000 in grants to help pay the cost of having a robotics team. 

Representative Neylon says this bill will help secure future candidates for Wisconsin's economy. 

"It's going to have a tremendously beneficial impact for Wisconsin's future to have more kids with robotics opportunities. More students to participate in S.T.E.M. and do it voluntarily. That's a really key part of this program is that these kids are interested, these kids are passionate and these kids want to participate in robotics,” said State Rep. Neylon.

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