'Glad to be back': Badgers fans rejoice as March Madness returns to Deer District

’Glad to be back’: Badgers fans rejoice as March Madness returns to Deer District

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Fans are excited Friday night, after a Badgers win. They took to the Deer District and spent hours cheering on their favorite team.

Mecca Sports Bar and Grill was filled with red for Friday night's Badgers game. 

Fans were not only thrilled with a Badgers win, but also excited to be together again.

Last year, it was empty at the Mecca, with Milwaukee bars and restaurants shut down. 

There was no March Madness, but this year looks a bit different.

"Very glad to be back here with my family again, so it's really fun to be back in a bar," said Badgers fan Jessica Peterson.

"I'm an alum, so big Badger fan," said Katherine Seubert.

Generations of UW Madison alum and fans reunited once again, cheering on the Badgers.

"Tournament time, you gotta be out -- out and about in an atmosphere like this where there's other Badger fans," said Alumnus Paul Seubert. 

"It's nice to see some progression that's moving back to what we're accustomed to during March," fan Tabarius Smith said.

They may be big fans, but some actually don't have the Badgers going very far in their bracket.

"I have them winning tonight and then losing against Baylor probably," said Katherine Seubert.

"I have them winning tonight and then I have -- the next game will be a little bit of a challenge, I think," said Smith.

Others, disagreed. "All the way, obviously," said Peterson. 

"I have them going to the Sweet 16, but you know, there's better teams out there," said fan Adrian Peralta. 

The pandemic has limited how much fans could gather, but Friday night they said being together is a great reminder of why they love being a part of the Badger community.

"Definitely being able to socialize and hear other people and seeing everyone else's outfits and stuff, everyone else's Badger gear, makes a huge difference," said Katherine Seubert.

"Pandemic and everything, it just separated everyone, but now with everyone being back and being able to mingle in moderation, it's the best thing for humanity," said Peralta. 

Win of lose, fans say March Madness is an exciting time for them and it's always fun to watch all the games, regardless of who makes it to the end.

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