Gas drops to $1.99 in Milwaukee

Many customers enjoyed relief at the pump in the city of Milwaukee..

"I think we're getting back on track and I hope it continues this way," said Aurelio Medina, as he pumped gas.

Gas is $1.99 at several stations down South 60th Street.

"It's pretty awesome," said Michael Sudgen, "fact that it's under $20.00  to fill up my tank is pretty sweet."

Sudgen bought a hybrid to help save money on gas when oil prices were still high-- but now he's going to save even more money.  If the downward trend continues, he knows how he will spend the extra cash.

"I have a house, so I'll probably use it towards that, help fix up the house," said Sudgen. 

Sudgen is not the only customer excited to see gas prices drop.

"I used to put in $20.00 and barely get a quarter tank," said Nicolas Dornak, "now I get about a half a tank."

As the meter runs-- some hope the downward trend continues through the new year.

"A dollar a gallon could be good," said Karl Rieck. 

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