Frosty start followed by warmer & (eventually) wetter weather

NOW: Frosty start followed by warmer & (eventually) wetter weather

Milwaukee (CBS58)--Let the indecision begin in terms of how you dress for the weather.  We'll be all over the place with temperatures this coming week.  From the 20s and 30s early Monday to the 60s by Friday.  In terms of scattered precipitation, the best chance looks to be on Tuesday during the day. A couple of tenths of an inch of precipitation will be possible. And then look for a scattering of showers for the upcoming weekend and into the following week.

Also, don't forget about the Frost Advisory for Monday morning (from 1 am until 9 am).  Make sure to bring in your tender plants and vegetation in before the cold sets into the area.  If you do cover them, make sure to do so with a sheet or burlap and then uncover them by mid morning. As you head out the door, by the way, on Monday, it'll feel like the 20s.  So bundle up if you have to work or go to school on Columbus Day. 

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