Fried Old Fashioned Featured at Summerfest

The gates are now open at Summerfest. 

 We have team coverage of The World's Largest Music Festival.

We are checking out all the new food options here at Summerfest and there are a few new ones this year.

One that everyone is talking about is this is the deep fried old fashioned.

We got an inside look at how they make these take a look.

The chef puts together two pieces of pound cake with brandy flavored cream in the middle. He covers it in batter and throws it in the fryer. Then he tops it with cream flavored like bitters, an orange and a cherry. 

It took five months for the chef to perfect this recipe. he says he wanted something that truly represented the city he loves.

"It's a great feeling definitely to do something that represents a classic Milwaukee cocktail. Like a classic state drink. Batter into a cake and selling it at a festival especially right here at Summerfest, it can get no better than that,” said Chef Ramses Alvarez.

These are selling at the Trinity Three Irish Pubs Counter.

It costs $6.50.  

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