Free rides ending for MCTS, changes coming to the GO Pass program

If you use Milwaukee County's popular GO Pass program to ride the buses, you need to know that a big change is coming in just a few weeks.

\"At the end of the day, the main thing is we're trying to keep buses on the road.\"

GO Pass is the two-year-old program that allows people who meet certain qualifications to ride the buses for free. County officials say the program costs 5 to 10 million dollars a year in lost revenue and if it was kept intact, it could force cuts in service.

Starting on June 12th, GO Pass is not completely going away, but the rides will no longer be free.

\"What we found is that people who had means were part of this program. And so what we were doing is basically taxpayers were subsidizing people who could have been paying for their own rides.\"

Starting on June 12th, people who qualify for GO Pass can ride the buses for $1 all day long. 

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