Franks' Diner in Kenosha is both iconic & tasty

NOW: Franks’ Diner in Kenosha is both iconic & tasty

Tasty Food.  Good Coffee.  Order what you want, eat what you get. Just some of the fun slogans at Franks’ Diner in Kenosha. I featured this restaurant today as part of my weekly diner series during the morning show. This isn’t the first time this iconic eatery has gotten some media recognition.  It was on the Food Network and even the BBC.

The landmark, in the shape of a lunch car, seats only 55 patrons. And many come for something known as the garbage plate. Think of it has a huge omelette cooked with hashbrowns. And then you add different kinds of meat to it.  

The Three Stooges and West Allis native Liberace are just a few of the famous celebrities to visit Franks’ over the years.

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