FPC members step down amid selection for new police chief

NOW: FPC members step down amid selection for new police chief

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two officials with Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission are stepping down.

Executive Director Griselda Aldrete has left her post, as well as commissioner Raymond Robakowski.

These changes come as the commission is in the midst of choosing a new police chief.

It’s been a tough year for the FPC, but city leaders tell us they hope it leaves room for growth.

“There were frustrations, and it’s a difficult job. Very difficult job, but I think she did a really good job.”

Friday, Mayor Tom Barrett confirmed the departure of the city of Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission’s Executive Director Griselda Aldrete.

“Overall there have been disappointments because I think it’s important to have all these commissions and all these boards to act professionally and responsibly,” said Barrett. “And I think there have been times when that has not been present.”

We tried speaking to Griselda about her decision to leave, but she avoided us.

“There was a lot of, in my mind, dysfunction,” said former commissioner Raymond Robakowski.

Robakowski and Aldrete leave at a crucial moment as the commission counts down the days in choosing a new chief.

“I stayed on to get them to a final three,” he said.

Robakowski says it was an honor for him to join the commission.

And although he respects the commissioners, he says they don’t have a clue how departments run.

“There were individuals that had their own agenda, and in my mind, it wasn’t for the betterment of the Milwaukee Police Department or the Milwaukee Fire Department.”

The FPC has had staffing issues in the past, something city leaders want to change going forward.

“There is statutory authority for that commission to go up to nine members and historically it’s only been at seven,” said Common Council President Cavalier Johnson.

The mayor says these changes won’t affect their timeline in choosing a new chief.

He says they are also expecting to have a nomination for new executive director before Thanksgiving.

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