For the third time in a month, reckless drivers caught on camera outside MPS schools

NOW: For the third time in a month, reckless drivers caught on camera outside MPS schools

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Imagine this: Your kid, dodging reckless drivers on the front lawn of their school while waiting to be picked up.

That's the reality that parents faced once again for at least the third time in the same month at Milwaukee Public Schools Monday, Aug. 30.

It happened at GreenTree Preparatory Academy. Monday afternoon, you could still see see the tidemarks in the front lawn from as of yet unidentified reckless drivers going for a joyride around 2:30, as kids were getting picked up from school.

Cars sped by while parents were lined up to pick up their 6th through 10th graders Monday afternoon, and to the dismay of a parent who caught it all on camera, who wanted to remain anonymous, they didn't stick to the road either.

Neighbors who didn't want to go on camera say it's not something they ever saw in this neighborhood before.

The incident Monday is just the latest, just a few weeks ago on Aug. 17, at Marshall High School, another incident was caught on camera.

A reckless driver going for a spin around kids getting out of school.

Milwaukee police confirmed the blue car involved in that incident was stolen, and almost hit several students.

Two days later, MPS officials put up fence posts and large rocks as preventative measures, but that same day, our cameras were rolling when yet another reckless driver took a spin on school property.

We've reached out to both the Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee Public Schools about the incident Monday and have not yet received word from either of them.

Milwaukee Public Schools released the following statement to CBS 58 on Tuesday, Aug. 31. 

"Milwaukee Public Schools is aware of the unlawful driving that happened at Green Tree Monday afternoon. We understand the concerning impact reckless driving is having in our city. Currently MPS is in the process of implementing additional safety measures throughout district sites, including but not limited to the installation of stakes and boulders, with the idea of curbing the reckless driving happening around our school buildings. We are continuing to monitor the situation as we work to maintain a safe learning environment for students."
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